Our Range of Services

Here is what we do

Always There

We are always ready and willing to help those in need. Whether its hunger, poverty, educational needs or financial support, our organization strives hard to deliver what is required.

Shelter Homes

Providing shelter to homeless families and providing for their household, medical and educational expenses. Our shelter home is currently providing for six families.

Medical Services

Our staff takes families and children for medical checkups to tertiary hospitals three times a week. Special attention is given to women, children and elderly people.


We provide educational scholarship to children who cannot afford education. The students are enrolled in Mehran Govt. School, with tuition, clothing, books and equipment covered by the organization.

Food Distribution

To help people avoid hunger, the organization has set up Fahmida Dastar Khawan. The kitchen feeds up to 250 people daily. In Ramadan, about 350 people are served with Iftari.

Women Empowerment

To empower women, the organization focuses on improving the condition of women in terms of financial needs, health and education. Trainings are also provided to help in building a career.

The organization provides old clothes, shoes and bags for those in need. Sewing machines are also provided to women under the care of the organization to provide winter clothing for their families and others in need.

We have taken great steps in decreasing poverty, but we need you to volunteer your support too.

Make Your Move and Help the Society Today.

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