At Fahmida Begum Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our Educational Empowerment Program is designed to break barriers, open doors, and provide opportunities for a brighter future.

Objectives :

  • Access to Quality Education: We strive to ensure that every individual, regardless of socio-economic background, has access to quality education.

  • Scholarships and Support: Through scholarships and educational support, we aim to alleviate financial burdens and enable deserving students to pursue their academic aspirations.

  • Skill Development: Beyond traditional education, we focus on practical skill development to equip students with the tools necessary for success in a competitive world.


  • Scholarship Programs: Our scholarship initiatives cater to students at various educational levels, providing financial assistance for tuition fees, books, and other educational expenses.

  • Educational Workshops: We organize workshops focused on skill enhancement, career guidance, and personal development, empowering students to excel in both academic and professional spheres.

  • Infrastructure Development: Collaborating with educational institutions, we support infrastructure development projects to create conducive learning environments.

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