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 Milk MalnutritionProject Report by Dr. Sheikh Idris (16 Feb 23)

 Half the children of Pakistan suffer from malnutrition stunned growth according to world health organization statistics mainly because of the poor economy and food inflation. Fahmida Begum Foundation has started a pilot program at Mehran Town after the identification of 20 deserving students and has started a milk-feeding program in December 2022. This is in addition to providing a meal per day to them. The benefit is already revealed with increased vitality, less illness and marginal gains in weight and height. In two months’ time, the quantity of milk has been increased lately for better results. The feeding program has some minor teething problems which are being monitored and fine-tuned. You may watch this space for further regular updates.

Milk MalnutritionProject Report by Dr. Sheikh Idris (18 May 23)

This program was begun on 28 Nov 2022 because of the nationwide epidemic of stunted growth malnutrition and food inflation. It was decided by FBF after studying world health organization data that the prevalence of stunted growth in Pakistan is over 40%. Normal perimeters of a good result:

1- Measurement of height& weight

2- General well being

3- Between the ages of 1-12 years puberty the gain in height is expected to be 2 inches a year normally, Between the ages of 12-18 yrs 4 inches per year.

The Milk program was initiated at FBF & GBPS. in this program, 20 beneficiaries were identified. The difficulties we faced were initial attendance and meeting the Ramadan schedule. The results have been monitored over the last 5 months show an increase in weight from 7%-15% among the beneficiaries with improved immunity less sickness increased energy levels elevated moods and performance. In summary, the Milk project has been successful and the school holidays are about to start. Resumption of this program for the academic year 2023-2024 is recommended after medical monitoring for one year and approved by the board.

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