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Our Management Team

Dr.Sheikh Idris

Mr. Sheikh Idris is a medical practitioner and in the profession for the past 48 years. Having acquired multiple qualifications from prestigious institutions in the UK and USA and has earned a name in the industry as a distinguished practitioner specializing in the treatment of anesthesia. An honorary fellow of the Royal College of Medicine England, Mr. Sheikh is a dedicated philanthropist and President of our foundation

Rukhsana Sheikh

Rukhsana Sheikh has an impressive portfolio of charity and services to the society. An ardent speaker for women's rights and a patron of vocational training center, she is the chief sponsor of COSARAF Foundations Grant to Fahmida Begum Foundation. Apart from philanthropist services, Ms Sheikh has worked as a teacher, beauty therapist, medical secretary and an investor in CareTech Plc Community Services Ltd

Saba Sheikh

Saba Sheikh, mother of 5, is running an Islamic School she founded. She has been involved with a number of charity events like Charity Right - International Food Programme, the National Zakat Foundation, the Ummah Welfare Trust and Human Relief Foundation. She is a passionate philanthropist and actively participates in different initiatives aimed at societal well-being.

Haroon Sheikh

The CEO of CareTech Plc Plc, Mr Haroon Sheikh is an important part of the Fahmida Begum Foundation. A graduate of London University, he is a noted entrepreneur, philanthropist, and figurehead of the community. He is an awardee of the 2008 Coutts Family Business prize award and an Enterprise Fellow of the Prince's Trust International.

Naureen Sheikh

A retired teacher and thinker, Ms Naureen is a resident of London, from where she participates in a number of societal projects like this one. She is specifically well-versed in educational development programs as she did her B-Ed in Social Biology from the London University in 1983. Throughout her life, she has had the experience of residing in different cities including Harare, Capetown and London

Farouq Sheikh

Mr Farouq Sheikh is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of CareTech Plc Plc. He is a renowned investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist in the UK. Mr Sheikh has received recognition from Laing and Buisson, Coutts Bank and Ernst & Young. He regularly participates in healthcare conferences to raise awareness regarding learning disability. He is an Enterprise Fellow of the Prince's Trust International and a member of the Mosaic National Advisory Board.

Akbar Sheikh

A seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr Akbar Sheikh is a principal within the Sheikhs Holding Group. Prior to this, Mr Sheikh has an illustrious experience in the real estate industry and has delivered projects worth above £120m. He has studied at prestigious institutions including University of Warwick, Wharton Business School, China Europe International Business School and the University of Cambridge. A recipient of Next Generation Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 by Ernst & Young, Mr Sheikh also holds an illustrious portfolio of philanthropic activities and services to the community. He is an enterprise fellow of the Prince's trust.

Ayesha Ayub

A new face in our group of trustees, Ayesha Ayub is an enthusiastic and accomplished project management professional with over 10 years of diversified working experience. She is effective in problem solving and brings the amicable entrepreneurial approach to the foundation. She has proven abilities in building successful, long-term client and vendor relationships which is one of the FBF's guiding principles. Ayesha holds a BSC (Hons) degree in Business Management. She is a PRINCE 2, foundation practitioner as well as Microsoft Project Server certified professional. Ayesha is a successful mentor for youth, helping young women in the Al and technology industry make positive decisions, form their own values, and realize their own potential.

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