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Meals Distributed

Access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right. Our Food Security Program is a beacon of hope, addressing hunger in our community. Through providing access to nutritious food, empowering communities, and promoting sustainable practices, we contribute to the global effort to eradicate hunger and achieve food security for all. In Pakistan, where over 11 million people face acute food shortages, we’ve researched the challenges, particularly affecting children. With this understanding, we’re committed to making a lasting impact in Mehran Town. Our program aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – Zero Hunger, aiding people in need. Our dedication lies in providing sustainable food solutions to combat hunger and malnutrition in underserved communities. Our strategy includes offering immediate relief through distributing food parcels to vulnerable families and providing daily breakfast and lunch meals to students and staff in our schools. Moreover, we conduct skill development training programs to encourage sustainable livelihoods within the food sector.

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