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As per the World Bank report, 40 percent of children under five are stunted in Pakistan. Stunting, which occurs during pregnancy and the first two years of life, affects brain development and health. Stunted children are less able to learn, have lower physical strength, and are less productive and earn less income as adults. This is limiting Pakistan’s growth prospects as well as its ability to reduce poverty.
Stunting is caused by many factors. Key are exposure to unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene conditions, poor diet and nutrition of pregnant and lactating mothers and infants and early marriage and frequent child birth.


We are pleased to share the moving speech by Mr. Haroon Sheikh, CEO of CareTech Plc, Chairman of COSARAF and Board Member of our Foundation, on the #PuprleTuesday2022 launch ceremony, held in the British Deputy High Commission, Karachi. He joined the celebrations as a guest of honour.
This event was jointly arranged by SEED and British Deputy High Commission, Karachi.

Flashback to Purple Tuesday 2022 in Pakistan!

As we gear up to showcase this year’s exciting activities to celebrate Purple Tuesday, let’s take a moment to jog your memories about the fantastic celebrations we had last year. It was a day filled with inclusivity, awareness, and vibrant purple!
🎉 We joined the inauguration ceremony arranged by our partner, #SEEDVentures, at the British Deputy High Commission, Karachi, where we were honored to have the presence of Mr. Haroon Sheikh, CEO of CareTech Plc, Chairman of COSARAF, and a valued Board Member of our Foundation. His support and insights were truly inspiring! 🤝

Stories of Resilience : Women Breaking Barriers

In Pakistan, women are integral to our society’s socio-economic fabric. Bridging the gender gap through skill-based training is vital for their growth. Partnering with UNDP Sindh SDGs Support Unit and Artistic Milliners Unit #5, we empower young women in the community. Our recent video showcases the transformative journey of 28 women who completed a textile machine operator course. Despite social barriers, half of them secured jobs at Artistic Milliners, marking a significant step towards their careers. Their stories reflect newfound confidence and resilience.

#WomenEmpowerment #PakistanProgress #GenderEquality – The Cosaraf Foundation



Our Foundation, in partnership with Taskeen, promotes mental health through the “Ao Baat Kare” (#LetsTalk) project, focusing on our community’s well-being. Our recent video on Women’s Safety and Mental Health garnered significant attention, benefiting over 60% of viewers and empowering women to address these crucial issues. This success marks a milestone in raising awareness where it’s often overlooked. Join us in understanding the link between women’s safety, mental health, and inner peace.
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
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