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Helped and Treated Patients

In our ongoing commitment to uplift communities, our Medical and Pharmacy Services program is dedicated to addressing the diverse healthcare needs within our community. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of people of all ages by providing comprehensive healthcare services. Our initiative encompasses a variety of services aimed at promoting health and vitality, all guided by a deep understanding of both local and global healthcare dynamics. 

Pakistan currently ranks 154th out of 195 countries in the Healthcare Access and Quality Index, according to a Lancet study. This ranking highlights the challenges faced by marginalized communities, including limited financial resources, inadequate access to quality healthcare services, and a lack of awareness about their healthcare needs. 

Our Medical and Pharmacy Services aim to support UN SDG 3, ensuring quality healthcare near homes, bridging gaps in accessibility and affordability, prioritizing prevention, destigmatizing mental health, and offering comprehensive care to all community residents.

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