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At the Fahmida Begum Foundation, we hold deep respect and care for our elders. Our Elderly Care Program is dedicated to providing support, companionship, and essential services to ensure the well-being of the elderly in our communities.


  • Comprehensive Care: We aim to provide comprehensive care and support services tailored to the unique needs of elderly individuals.

  • Dignity and Respect: Our program is centered on preserving the dignity, independence, and respect of our elderly beneficiaries.

  • Social Engagement: We promote social interaction and engagement among the elderly to prevent isolation and foster a sense of belonging.


  • Day Care Centers: We operate day care centers designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for elderly individuals, offering activities, meals, and companionship.

  • Home Visits: Our volunteers conduct regular home visits to provide assistance, companionship, and essential support to elderly individuals who are homebound.

  • Recreational Activities: We organize recreational activities, social gatherings, and workshops to encourage socialization and mental stimulation among the elderly.

Elderly care programs
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