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Together, We create a compassionate community

Join us at the Fahmida Begum Foundation and be part of our impactful mission. Together, we're creating a compassionate community, shaping a brighter future

What We Do

Our multifaceted approach centers around health, education, schooling, food security, medical support, and empowerment. Through these interconnected efforts, we aim to create holistic improvements in individuals’ lives and communities at large

Care About Us


The core objective of the Foundation is to provide essential resources and facilities to empower the marginalized residents of Mehran Town. This encompasses vital provisions such as :

 Shelter, sustenance, healthcare, education, employment skill development, and the creation of a secure and encouraging environment.

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Supported Students
Food Distribution
Medical and Health
Disaster Relief

Energetic Team

Dr. Sheikh Idris

Senior Advisor, Medical and Pharmacy Services

Talib Uz Zaman

CCEP-I, CCL, MBA, Managing Director

Dr. Hamid Pervez

Medical Director

Hameeda Kaleem

Advisor, Gender and Women Empowerment

Dr. Anila Iqbal

General Physician

Dr. Sheikh Idris

Senior Advisor, Medical and Pharmacy Services

Dr. Sheikh Idris

Senior Advisor, Medical and Pharmacy Services

Fahmida Begum Foundation's

Primary Focus

Education and Literacy

Our goal is to give underprivileged children the precious gift of education. This project contributes to international efforts to ensure inclusive and equitable education for all.

Food Security

We are strongly committed to providing sustainable food solutions to address hunger and malnutrition in marginalized communities.
Medical & Pharmacy
We are committed to reducing health problems by providing treatment and care services to marginalized, disadvantaged and socially excluded groups

Women Empowerment

We aim to provide educational opportunities and skill development programs that equip women with the tools necessary for personal and professional growth

Technical & Vocational Training

This component is tailored to the community's interests, aiming to provide them with proficient skills for decent job opportunities

Hardship Grants / Microfinance Assistance

Hardship Allowance is available to eligible individuals and families. The offer helps people meet their basic needs and restore stability

Membership and Certification

Our Partnerships


Success Stories

I am Gul Pari Nawaz and I have been engaged with FBF for the last seven years. FBF has been truly supportive in women empowerment for many women based in Mehran Town and I am one of the examples. FBF not only provides education to my both children but also provides us with financial and medical facilities. Their support has enabled me to start my own business venture and recently, I have made more than 500 clothing bags for the FBF lunch distribution project. These are less costly as compared to plastic bags as well as environmentally friendly.”

“Every contribution counts – join us in making a difference today!”

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